The JRNY continues: Announcing Issue Two

It’s a little over a year since we started our crowdfunding campaign to launch a new travel magazine. Even though we were optimistic, never in our wildest dreams could we imagine what was about to happen.

Twelve months on, and JRNY is on sale around the world, from North America to Asia. You can find us in local stores on the streets of London, Madrid, Berlin and more, to Selfridges of London and Barnes & Noble in America. But, perhaps most excitingly, we have just received the first printed copies of Issue Two of JRNY!

In Issue Two of JRNY, we continue our ethos of great travel stories told by amazing writers and incredible photography from around the world.

Get transported away to Costa Rica by Jamie Lafferty, Bolivia by Shafik Meghji and Hong Kong by Lee Cobaj. Join Simon Urwin on an epic road trip through the Deep South and learn about the incredible mask craftsmen of Japan through Joao Maia’s brilliant photos.

We also travel across Europe to Austria with Rudolf Abraham, La Graciosa in Spain with Ross Clarke, Ireland with Mark Stratton and Šibenik in Croatia with Mary Novakovic. There are also stories to get your tastebuds going from the Isle of Wight by Claire Naylor and Egypt by Rashmi Narayan, plus much more.

There’s never been a better time to order your copy of JRNY. Not only will you be supporting an independent travel magazine but also over 20 freelancers who have worked on or contributed to this issue.

Thanks to our sponsors