JRNY Travel Magazine – created by freelancers

JRNY travel magazine is a quality printed coffee-table magazine, featuring travel stories, essays and photography from some of the world’s most talented travel writers and photographers. It will be a collaboration between freelancers who will design, write, edit and produce this travel magazine. What’s more, our aim is to ensure every one of these contributors is paid fairly for their time. 

From stunning photos to captivating stories, journey with us to some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Helping freelancers tell their travel stories

In a world dominated by lockdowns and restrictions, we all still crave to travel. To see and experience the world has been mankind’s desire since prehistoric times. The last few years have seen an explosion in adventure holidays and independent travelling. It has been a golden era for many people involved in the travel industry.

This unprecedented pandemic has turned the world of travel on its head or rather on its knees. We have already seen some of the most famous brands disappear into an abyss. This obviously has had a huge knock-on effect on the thousands of freelancers out there who contributed to the many publications and brands in the travel industry. From writers to photographers, many have had work cancelled and in some cases have even had to change careers.

JRNY travel magazine aims to give some of these amazingly talented travel writers and photographers an opportunity to get back to doing their jobs and getting paid for it.

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