About JRNY

Helping freelancers tell their travel stories

JRNY travel magazine is a quality printed coffee-table magazine, featuring travel stories, essays and photography from some of the world’s most talented travel writers and photographers.

The unprecedented pandemic brought the world of travel to its knees; some of the most famous brands disappeared into the abyss. This obviously had a knock-on effect on the thousands of freelancers out there who contributed to the many publications and brands in the industry.

JRNY aims to give some of these amazingly talented travel writers and photographers an opportunity to get back to doing their jobs and getting paid for their time. It is a collaboration between freelancers who design, write, edit and produce the magazine.

From stunning photos to captivating stories, journey with us to some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Who are we?

JRNY travel magazine was conceived by Kav Dadfar and Jordan Banks. We are both full-time freelance professional photographers and writers based in the UK. Through our company That Wild Idea, we share our passion for photography and travel with others wanting to learn in the form of photography holidays and workshops around the world.

But first and foremost we are freelancers so like everyone else in the industry, we have had to watch assignments and work cancelled throughout 2020 and already in 2021. We have also had to watch many of our friends and colleagues in the industry lose their jobs.

Emma Gibbs, Si Willmore and Jo Dovey have joined the team since we launched. Emma edited our award-winning first issue and Simon and Jo have completed the JRNY team for the second issue.

Our common goal

JRNY travel magazine has come about from the positive feedback that we have received from the many writers and photographers we know as well as the general public. Our goal is to create a magazine created by travellers for those who love to travel.

You won’t find advertising, freely sourced photography and articles written by just anyone. The writers and photographers in this magazine are amongst the most talented around and will be paid for their time.

Our goal is to come together as a community of travel lovers to help this beleaguered industry recover a little bit at a time, and to inspire and stir that sense of adventure that we all still share.