Art Foundation

Image © Paul Nicklen

The JRNY Art Foundation has been set up to support the continued growth of both established and emerging artists. We will predominantly be looking to collect photography but we are certainly open to submissions from other disciplines.

We are unable to manage submissions via Twitter so we would ask that you submit a link to the piece of work you would like us to take a look at as well as your Twitter handle. 

As well as collecting work we will be building a directory of artists from submissions received. Firstly; artists we feel may be a good fit for a future assignment. We are looking to build a worldwide network of artists to take on assignments in their local territory and further afield. Secondly; for the inclusion in our Collectors Discovery Galleries curated by trusted professional image buyers, curators and collectors with the aim of helping new and existing art collectors discover new work.

Drop your NFTs (max. 0.3 ETH) and we’ll take a look!

Recently collected artworks

Here’s a small selection of recent works curated by our team to be included in the JRNY Art Foundation Collection.

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