A JRNY into NFTs

JRNY Travel Magazine was formed in a web2 world with a web3 mindset, we believe in the power of art, community and support and this belief system is at the core of what JRNY stands for. Because of this, it made perfect sense for us to bring JRNY in to web3 and become the first travel magazine to tokenize the entire content of a physical magazine.

It has been many months in the planning and we have returned to the drawing board on more than on occasion but we are here now and bringing the world of travel and destination journalism to the blockchain. It has taken longer than expected but it was imperative to us that we got this drop done correctly with the our community in mind whilst making sure we act in a responsible manner to continue to build and support creatives both in web3 and beyond.

The JRNY genesis token

We thought long and hard about how to release our genesis token and finally settled on offering the community an opportunity to collect for nothing. JRNY is for the artists and we don’t want anyone to be excluded from becoming part of our journey. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support, sticking around during the tough times and all the work you are doing in growing and believing in the web3 space.

By supporting JRNY Magazine you are playing an active part in helping us support creatives, via assignments, education programs and our collection fund. You will be helping build our digital content output and provide further opportunities for creatives across the board. We are dedicated to the project of bringing JRNY in to web3 and providing improved working methods and opportunities for artists to work and earn from doing what they love.

Holders of the Series 1 token will be entitled to claim the next three issues (issues 5, 6 &7) via claim pages free of charge within 30 days from publication date of the corresponding issue.

Schedule of magazine release dates

Issue 5 – June 2023

Issue 6 – November 2023

Issue 7 – March 2024

Collection details

Tier 1 supply is limited to 1000 with a maximum of 5 pieces per wallet. Our hope is that those who choose to collect more than 1 piece will opt to share with fellow NFT collectors and travel enthusiasts who will appreciate what we are doing in our mission to help grow and support the arts.

Token holders are entitled to claim the physical copy of each issue (one per wallet) for the cost of shipping. Contact our team with your wallet address and verification a promocode code will be supplied.

Series 1 Tier 1 token holders will be granted early access to education programs, irl events, airdrops, collections or editions or any other initiatives that we may drop over the next 12 months.

Claim mint pass

Mint a token now on manifold.xyz.

About JRNY Travel Magazine

JRNY Magazine was founded during the first months of the pandemic back in 2020 on the bases of supporting and pushing the arts forward during these tough times. We believed in building a community of like-minded creatives from around the globe to produce a travel magazine with a difference.

Telling stories that inspire and fire up the wanderlust whilst changing the way travel journalism operates with long form writing, hi-end photography and no advertising, just pure content. Our dedication, innovation and drive to make something unique and special has been recognized within the industry when we were awarded Travel Magazine of the Year for our very first issue.