JRNY Travel Magazine – Issue One (Digital version)


In this inaugural issue of JRNY, we travel far and wide across the planet. Packed with 250 pages of long-form written features and photo essays by award-winning writers and photographers, JRNY will have you reaching for your passport.

In this issue, Jamie Lafferty follows in Shackleton’s footsteps in South Georgia, Ben Lerwill walks the UK’s quietest National Trail in Yorkshire, Steph Dyson goes in search of jaguars in the Paraguayan Pantanal and Mark Stratton find South America’s most beguiling archaeological sites in Colombia. Keith Drew explores Fez’s medina, Meera Dattani heads to the edge of the arctic circle to see Churchill, Manitoba and Kav Dadfar takes a nerve-jangling road trip to the spiritual heartland of Bhutan.

There are also captivating photo essays by world-renowned photographer Philip Lee Harvey showcasing China’s mesmerising landscape. We join Matt Parry as he explores the ghats of Varanasi in India, Jordan Banks, as he searches for the “sea gipsies” in South East Asia and visit the remote tribes in Namibia with Malcolm Fackender.

Plus, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Cuba, Gibraltar, Venice, South Dakota and Scotland all in this collectable first issue of JRNY Travel Magazine.



Helping freelancers tell their travel stories

In a world dominated by lockdowns and restrictions, we all still crave to travel. To see and experience the world has been mankind’s desire since prehistoric times. The last few years have seen an explosion in adventure holidays and independent travelling. It has been a golden era for many people involved in the travel industry.

This unprecedented pandemic has turned the world of travel on its head or rather on its knees. We have already seen some of the most famous brands disappear into an abyss. This obviously has had a huge knock-on effect on the thousands of freelancers out there who contributed to the many publications and brands in the travel industry. From writers to photographers, many have had work cancelled and in some cases have even had to change careers.

JRNY travel magazine aims to give some of these amazingly talented travel writers and photographers an opportunity to get back to doing their jobs and getting paid for it.