JRNY Travel Magazine – Issue Seven (Print version)


In this, our America Special, we’ve sought out some of the best stories from within the 50 states, focusing – as we always do – on those places that you might not have thought about before, and shining a new light on those you already do.

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Claire Dodd visits San Antonio, arguably best-known for the 1836 Battle of the Alamo, to experience the city’s vibrant, emotion-charged Day of the Dead celebrations. Think of foodie destinations and you might think of New York City or New Orleans… but how about Minneapolis? Brian Thacker delves into the exciting and surprising dining scene in this Minnesotan city.

In Idaho, James Draven cruises its many scenic byways to reach Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, while in Oregon, Jacqui Agate turns her back on its famous coast and heads to the shapeshifting landscapes of the east.

The phenomenal and varied landscapes across the US are what make many of us fall in love with the country; Kav Dadfar is no exception, though this time he rides the Rocky Mountaineer for a new view of Utah and Colorado.

Alli Patton explores the equally striking scenery below ground in Alabama, and in New England, Karen Gardiner paddles the Northern Forest Canoe Trail for an alternative perspective on the northeastern states.

Life on the water is the theme of James March ’s time on and around Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, and in the Florida Keys, Kevin Gleeson finds seclusion and vibrant wildlife. Our photo essays also showcase the diversity of experiences in the US, from the reinvention of Seattle and the coastal charms of Monterey County to the wide-open spaces of the Great American West and the abundant outdoor charms of New York State.

We hope you love our America Special – as our first themed issue, it’s also a little taster of the many exciting things we have planned here at JRNY.