JRNY Travel Magazine – Issue Eight (Digital version)


Issue Eight delves into diverse global wonders, starting with Raja Ampat, Indonesia, home to 75% of the world’s coral species, making it a diver’s paradise. It explores the tranquil canals of Pas-de-Calais, the wild coastal birdlife of Northumberland, and the ancient pilgrim paths of Western Sweden. The issue also highlights Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, Nova Scotia’s scenic Cape Breton Island, Santa Fe’s indigenous culinary delights, and the vibrant wildlife of Peru’s Amazon rainforest. Additionally, it features serene safari experiences in Namibia and the captivating ice festival in Mongolia.

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Our cover story in this issue is all about the Underwater Wonders in Raja Ampat: Mark Stratton takes us to a lesser-known paradise in Indonesia, home to an astonishing 75% of the world’s known corals and a vibrant diversity of marine life.

Canal Adventures in Pas-de-Calais: Kassondra Cloos explores the serene waterways of this French region, often overlooked as just a ferry port, revealing its fascinating network of ancient canals.

Avian Wonders of Northumberland: Mike Unwin ventures to the wild beauty of Northumberland to observe its coastal avian visitors and soak in the serene landscape.

Pilgrim Paths in Western Sweden: Join Mike MacEacheran as he follows ancient pilgrim routes, discovering introspective moments and rich history along the way.

Cultural Treasures of Pakistan: Simon Urwin’s overland journey through Pakistan uncovers some of the country’s most stunning and spiritual cultural landmarks.

Scenic Drives on Cape Breton Island: Kav Dadfar takes us on a road trip through Nova Scotia, where breathtaking coastal views await at every turn.

Indigenous Flavours of Santa Fe: Sarah Rodrigues explores how Santa Fe’s food scene is embracing its Indigenous roots.

Wild Wonders in Peru’s Amazon: Tamara Hinson revisits the Amazon rainforest, finding it as enchantingly wild and vibrant as ever.

Namibia’s Quiet Safari: Phoebe Smith opts for a tranquil wildlife experience in Namibia, steering clear of the crowded Etosha National Park for a serene yet equally thrilling adventure.

Mongolia’s Annual Ice Festival: Be mesmerized by Laurent Nilles’ stunning photographs of Mongolia’s Ice Festival, showcasing a landscape painted in serene shades of white and blue.