World Travel Photography Awards – the shortlist!

Brought to you by JRNY Travel Magazine and Wild Frontiers

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the first annual World Travel Photography Awards brought to you by JRNY Travel Magazine in conjunction with Wild Frontiers!

We launched this competition because we want to find the best travel photographers from all over the globe, no matter their status or location. The World Travel Photography Awards is a celebration of our beautiful world and photography. Here are your shortlisted entries for 2023 – congratulations to you all!


The earth is an incredibly beautiful place that we are lucky enough to experience. We wanted to see your take on our incredible and unique planet. The shortlisted photographers brought the location to life, left viewers breathless and highlighted the awesome power of nature.

Thong Nguyen

Jeet Khagram

Alex Harford

Stanley Aryanto

Yanrong Guo

Lisa Vaz

Joseph Anthony

Jonas Hangartner

Jeet Khagram

Giovani Cordioli


There is nothing quite like the vibrancy of a city to add to any great trip. The shortlisted photographers showed us what makes a city special to them, from the calm cityscapes and quiet nighttime streets to the hustle and bustle of daily life in one of our metropolises.

Nurlan Tahirli

Laurent Nilles

Yavuz Sariyildiz

Alex Wides

Azmir Khan Ronnie

Rabin Chakhrabarti

Debdatta Chakraborty

Josh Akers

Syed Mahabubul Kader

Mehdi Nazeri

Pasquale Battaglia

Francisco Saraiva


The chance to witness wildlife is one of the main reasons people travel. Wildlife doesn’t have to mean the big five in Africa; it could be a dormouse in the French countryside. Our shortlisted photographers highlighted the glorious beauty of nature through these images:

Anup Shah

Harry Skeggs

Wesley Kristopher

Stephen Payce

Harry Skeggs

Bambang Wirawan

Li Wan

Naziour Shamim

Lalith Ekanayake

Jan-Joost Snijders

Nick Dale

David Fairs


No great experience is complete without characters. The shortlisted images showed us what makes people special and celebrated their environments and personalities. The judges felt best connected to these subjects:

Yanrong Guo

Zay Yar Lin

Mehrdad Vahed Yousefabad

Lipi Ahmad

Gerdie Hutomo

Billy Dinh

Sanchayan Chowdhury

Quan Nguyen Ho

Leo Huang

Gerdie Hutomo

Haikun Liang

Meriç Aktar

Aimin Chen

Phu Khanh Bui

Stay tuned for the results!

Thanks once again to everyone who entered the first annual World Travel Photography Awards! Congratulations to our shortlisted photographers and huge thanks to our sponsors, Wild Frontiers.

Stay tuned for the next round of results from our competition: on 25th September 2023,
all photographs receiving a Highly commended award will be announced and on 16th October 2023,the winners for each category will be announced. Good luck everyone!